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I create intuitively, which allows me to produce artwork without a plan or a specific end goal in mind. I started painting while I was in the midst of a six-year journey to heal the root cause of a chronic pain condition. The primary purpose of my intuitive artwork is self-inquiry in order to facilitate healing and personal growth. Through my process, I give my subconscious a way to express what it needs to release. As a result, my work is a direct expression of my self and it has helped me heal.

If I work on something intended for a specific person, then the piece is a meditation on that person. It is filled with love and my intentions and wishes for what that individual may need at the time.

The mediums I use are predominantly fluid, which allows me to use my breath as a very important part of my process. Breathing is such a vital life force that it fuels both the healing and creative processes. In this way, the art flows through me as an expression of my true self, much like the true self manifests through the focus on breath in yoga or meditation.

Humans are creative beings and I believe that in order to thrive, each of us must find our own means of creative expression in our lives. Sometimes this takes a crisis or pain for it to emerge. If we’re lucky enough, the journey toward our “Satori (悟り),” or our flow of creative expression, is nurtured and encouraged from early on. Creativity is a means of shining our light, which is our true purpose.

With love and gratitude,

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“Satori” is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, comprehension, and understanding. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, “satori” refers to the experience of kenshō, “seeing into one’s true nature”. Ken means “seeing,” shō means “nature” or “essence.”

My art is a part of my process of self discovery and  self acceptance. This exhibit represents my personal healing journey.

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